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How anyone can learn design without owning design software.

Our quest is to bring the art of design to all Yukoners. To do this we have joined Canva to help students with the basics of design lay-up and page design. We hope that our research enables all ages to begin designing and inspire creativity. Social media design is a voice and now you can design your own message. Please review the tutorials below to get you started. If you would like, our team is ready to visit and offer creative workshops, just give us a call or set up an appointment. Oh yeah.... It's FREE

How to Canva Tutorials

ShakatClub Workshops

How you, your school or community can join us.... and we'll arrange for a workshop!

The story can be Indigenous or multi-cultural in nature, it can be to honour a community member, youth or Elder, it may also describe how unique our northern communities are or how we engage in every day life. Topics can range from Mental Wellness to essays written as part of the current curriculum. Once a subject has been chosen, written and edited, a scheduled visit to the school where a workshop would be developed and delivered in a two day discussion. The workshop would be designed and catered to the specific needs of the club and the digital platform of choice. The Shakat Team would determine if the club wanted music, video or graphic design to enhance their written story and then proceed to engage them with projects to develop skills and make a product for publishing.

ShakatClub Members

Now you can upload direct to our Drop-Box

If you are already developing your story, podcast or video and are ready for us to work on the final edits or wish to have a review, choose upload from the form below and let us take a look. Just remember the maximum upload is 25mb. We will get back to you within 2 days, if your project is selected we will offer you cash before publishing. All video and photographs, if chosen to be publish, must be accompanied with appropriate image release forms of everyone involved with your project or production.

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