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What is Shakat NorthStream?

NorthStream is our latest gig... In order for us to achieve stronger, faster content for you to engage with, we've added another content delivery system that kicks butt. Seriously, we can take our magazine and crew anywhere to produce an edited or unedited story live. We're able to cover live community events through social media in real time so that family members who can't attend can now enjoy the show from the comfort of their community or home.

NorthStream is a great opportunity for youth to learn about the media industry and get hands on learning. As part of Shakat Journal, NorthStream, is a program by Youth Of Today Society that hopes to offer training opportunities in partnership with Yukon Education, Yukon Tourism, First Nation Governments and Yukon College's media program. The program is designed to inspire creativity, self identity, and mental wellness by providing a content delivery system that can be reach throughout the globe via social media. NorthStream hopes to partner with local businesses to provide a new opportunity to advertise via graphic ads or remote location visits.

This new content delivery system will be launched in January 2018 and we'll definitely flub up a few times as we will be learning as we go, but bare with us, stay tune, and join all our live video casts. You can even join in on the action as you will be able to Facebook us during the broadcast while its live.

Thanks to advances in Internet and streaming technology, it’s never been so easy for you to catch up on your favorite TV show on Netflix, check out the viral video everybody’s been talking about, or even watch live events online!

Define “streaming”
Streaming is a way to enjoy all types of media online without having to download any files in order to play them. It’s called “streaming“, because the data makes its way to your computer in a continuous stream, and is ready to be played as soon as it gets there. Unless the content is live, you are able to pause, rewind, and fast forward as if it were a file you downloaded.

So, what’s the magic behind streaming?
In order for you to experience the media in real time, streaming media uses compression technology to optimize the delivery of audio and video files. According to SearchStorage, “content compression can be as simple as removing all extra space characters, inserting a single repeat character to indicate a string of repeated characters, and substituting smaller bit strings for frequently occurring characters. This kind of compression can reduce a text file to 50% of its original size.” Sounds more technical than magical, right?

How does video streaming affect your Internet experience?
Here’s what you really want to know! When you stream video, you are using data. Standard definition (SD) uses less data than high definition (HD), and to help you manage your streaming experience, most video streaming websites let you adjust the quality settings between SD and HD. This means you can control how much data you use for each video you stream.

We are seeking youth individuals to represent their community

We will be hosting live interviews in-studio, guests can join us from their desktop computers, personal phones or from a remote camera that we have set up. That's right we can go to you. It's kind of like a mini-tv studio designed for social media broadcasting. We are recruiting youth in each community to take part and promote leadership, events and individual achievements. If you would like to be the Shakat NorthStream representative in your community please contact us.

NorthStream Schedule

Do you have a story or event you want broadcasted?

We're here to add your voice to the community through an organized event hosted in our home studio. If you have a topic or concern you wish to share with us and our watchers, contact us right away and we'll proceed with a consultation. Once we've agreed upon the approach, we will schedule you into our studio event which we will be hosted every Friday from 3:30 - 4:30

Advertising Oportunity

During our live show we have opportunity for businesses to advertise, this advertising will pop up throughout the broadcast. When the broadcast is finished for the day the story remains on our Shakat Journal Facebook Page and our You-Tube site to continue working for you. You can then share these events to your own social media pages.

Would you like us to host your event live?

We are for hire... To make our program sustainable we are reaching out to other non-profits, sports organizations, and governments to include us and our program when planning your event. Having your event broadcasted live reaches every community in the Yukon and beyond. It utilizes an under-used technology and lends opportunity for advertisers to engage with your event. For event planners, organization or advertisers wanting to be included in any broadcast, please contact our studio.